About us

Clementina Aina started Peer Exchange in 2015 after realising that many schools often work in isolation. She believes that working together, learning from each other and sharing ideas can help boost outcomes for children, staff, governors and parents. Clementina is an Ofsted Accredited Inspector. She works with several local authorities to help schools improve their performance and raise the standard of teaching and learning.

She is an accredited Performance Management Consultant for the DfES and regularly advises head teachers and governors on pay and performance of staff. Furthermore, she has empowered school leaders to develop a coaching and mentoring approach to teaching, lesson observation and feedback. Those involved with Peer Exchange have held several senior management positions in schools so know the sensitivities of the school environment. Clementina and colleagues take a strategic approach to supporting schools and have assisted schools in linking with others, overarching priorities to help raise teachers, performance targets and pupil’s progress.

Clementina is an Early Years, Primary and Special Educational Needs specialist. She has conducted reviews of Early Years, whole school and Special Educational Needs provision and developed schools capability to meet the educational needs of their pupils. She has a wealth of experience of conducting inspections of independent, mainstream and special schools in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. The insights and contacts made with schools in contrasting locations means Peer Exchange has the ability to bring new insights to the school improvement process and facilitate collaboration between schools locally and internationally.

Through Peer Exchange’s extensive work in supporting schools self-evaluation and improvement, it has helped schools to share a practical, contextual approach to improving the quality of teaching and learning. Many schools have been empowered to develop a creative and innovative approach to continuous improvement.

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