Workshop: Effective use of TA’s to deliver structured interventions

This workshop is suitable for all members of the School Inclusion Team, Inclusion Leaders, Special Needs Coordinators, teachers and learning support staff.

Workshop Information

A practical based workshop that explores the role of teaching assistants in delivering high quality focused one to one and small group intervention. The workshop enables Teaching Assistants to develop skills in using a range of strategies to plan activities that extend students’ knowledge from their different starting points.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is intervention?
  • How to ensure effective delivery of interventions
  • Evaluating the impact of intervention
  • How to support pupils work in groups
  • Group work: Helpful and unhelpful talk
  • Putting strategies into action

Contact us now on to book an in-house workshop to be held at your school or jointly with another school’s Inclusion Team!