Log Out! Time to Talk to your Children! Part Two

This course consists of two parts;

Part 2:

  • Age related expectations: What children are expected to know and do under 12 months, at first birthday, 24 and 36 months.
  • How to promote early communication skills at ages: one, two, three, four and five years’ old
  • Signs that something may be wrong
  • Summary tips on how to promote early language skills
  • An invaluable tool for every caring parent and carer on how to develop their children’s early communication skills
  • This course explores the reasons for the decline in young children’s early communication skills
  • It offers practical suggestions on how to effectively use the senses to elicit positive responses from children and encourage them to talk
  • Includes practical tips that parents can do to boost their children’s early language skills to ensure that they are well prepared for school
  • Offers practical tips, suggestions and ideas of activities that develop children’s confidence and independence in leading conversations
  • Develops parents’ awareness of age related expectations
  • Offers insight on how to identify when something is wrong

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