Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants (For Teaching Assistants) Part 1

(Licenced by Centre for Inclusive Education, University College London, UK)

Course Description:

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for all members of the School Inclusion Team, Inclusion Leaders, Special Needs Coordinators, Curriculum Coordinators and teachers.

We are licensed by UCL, Institute of Education (ranked as world number one for Education for the 5th year running 2014-2018) to provide Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants training (MITA). The course is an evidence-based approach to improve the quality of Teaching Assistant’s support and SEND provision. It aims to develop the way teaching assistants improve students’ outcomes by working in a whole class setting. The course introduces TAs to scaffolding frameworks, and provides practical strategies and reflective activities. It is suitable for all teaching assistants, learning support assistants and other classroom support staff who support learning in schools and at all stages. Certificates are awarded on completion of the course.

Course objectives:

  • Equip delegates with effective TA deployment and preparedness in meeting the needs of SEN students
  • Explore key strategies on how TAs can contribute to assessment for learning
  • Develop delegates knowledge of effective delivery of intervention programmes

This course covers:

  • Latest research and guidance on the complementary roles of teachers and Teaching assistants
  • Learning theory
  • Scaffolding as a framework for developing pupil independence
  • Reflecting on practice and developing specific scaffolding strategies
  • Planning changes to practice.
  • Supporting collaborative group work
  • Practical Tasks to explore application of skills in each school’s context

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Please note: A pre course checklist needs to be completed to check whether your Inclusion Team is ready for this course