"To ensure that every child has access to world class education regardless of their ability, race or background"

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Would your staff like to share ideas with staff from other schools to exchange ideas and strategies that inspire learning?

Partner with us to gain an invaluable insight on what is being done successfully in other schools.

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What we do

  • Conduct school performance reviews including compliance checks
  • Support leaders’ schools’ self-evaluation and improvement planning
  • Benchmark pupils performance against international standards
  • Assist leaders’ in networking with other schools to share innovative learning approaches
  • Provide training, coaching, mentoring and advisory services
  • Provide CPD online courses such as Early Childhood Education and Autism courses
  • Provide Special Educational needs training such as Picture Exchange Communication System (for pupils with special needs)
  • Facilitate moderation of pupils’ assessments with other schools
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About us

Clementina Aina started Peer Exchange in 2015 after realising that many schools often work in isolation. She believes that working together, learning from each other and sharing ideas can help boost outcomes for children, staff, governors and parents. Clementina is an Ofsted Accredited Inspector. She works with several local authorities to help schools improve their performance and raise the standard of teaching and learning.

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